Melissa Nichols of ‘Hats For Hope’ shares inspiration & involvement in the upcoming Brain Tumour NATIONAL Conference October 21 2017

‘Hats For Hope’ is going NATIONAL at the Brain Tumour National Conference October 21 2017!

*Scroll down to see drop off locations..

>>Adult hats, any size/shape/pattern & colour. Hats made with soft material/fabric and from a smoke-free environment only, please!

*Dear lovely Hat makers!: I want to thank you! Please be sure to include your name/ city and contact info with your handmade hats

Markham, ON
-The Village Hive Coworking & Event Space @ 55 Albert St #105 Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
-St. Andrew’s Untied Church @ 32 Main Street N Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
-The Duchess @ 53 Main St North Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
-Cakes By Tanya  @ 69 Main Street North Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
– The Old Curiosity Tea Shop @ 91 Main St N Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
Mother’s Deli & Bakery @ 122 Main Street North Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
Showtime Productions @ 144 Main Street N (behind Main St entrance) Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
Stouffville, ON *email, ‘c/o Danni’ Deadline: Oct 15th @ 12pm
Newmarket, ON:  Metroland Media 580B Steven Court,  Deadline: Oct 18th 5pm
Georgina, ON: *email, ‘c/o: Pam Devine’ Deadline: October 15 @ 5pm
Toronto, ON: Princess Margaret Hospital – Brain Tumour Centre (18th Floor on right) 610 University Ave Deadline: October 18 @ 11am
Milton & area, ON * email, ‘Attn: Jennifer’, Deadline: October 19th Noon
Edmonton, Alberta: Join Group: “Edmonton, Alberta Residents : Hats For Hope” on Facebook
East Edmonton Health Centre at the ‘Public Health Reception’ 7910 112 Ave —Deadline: Oct 13th Noon
* Questions? Janet Hempler –,  Deadline: Oct 13th Noon
Newfoundland: Intersport/ Sports Expert, Avalon Mall @ 48 Kenmount Road
St. Johns NL – A1B 1W3, *Questions? email, ‘c/o Fred Melvin’
Melissa Nichols



Hats For Hope is going NATIONAL!

Don’t know if I am shaking because of this morning’s coffee or excitement…

On October 21 2017, the successful ‘Hats For Hope’ is going to be at the Brain Tumour National Conference!!

An overwhelming excitement is surrounding me as phone calls/text and emails pour in as I make connections with some local lovelies about this exciting opportunity.

Are you familiar with the background story of how Hats For Hope was created? The inspiration of creating this successful drive is in the name; ‘Hats For Hope’.

Hats For Hope Success at Princess Margaret Hospital 2016! Write up: Snapd Markham


Now is the gut-wrenching stressful/anxious/excited feelings. Now, organizing alllllllll the details are underway; surely the WHY answer is obvious, now to nail down the ‘how’ and ‘where.’

Goal: To acquire a couple hundred handmade knitted/crocheted hats made & donated in time for the National Brain Tumour Conference, happening in Toronto October 21, 2017.

Here we go!

Stay tuned – details to follow….


Looking to Change the World, one Head at a Time….

I have been involved in so much awesomeness lately, am hardly finding the time to stop and reflect on what is currently happening; moments are gone before I can even processes it…GOOD! Although have been known to take lots of pictures – I try to put my phone promptly away right after, in order to enjoy the moment. Please do not mistake my pride for gloating- it is such an electrically exciting feeling knowing am making a difference in the lives of some of those who need it the most.

Ps- These situations don’t just fall in my lap- I bust my ass to make them happen- and yes, having so much fun doing it at the same time! I step out of my comfort zone to the point where after a while, it becomes a ‘normal’ feeling.

Consider the following pictures to be my ‘show and tell’ kindergarten kiddie-like news from the past couple of months.

December 2016 I received this note of gratitude from Maureen Daniels, Program Coordinator of Princess Margaret. Tried to make my first VLOG only to almost break down in tears (in happiness) while reading this to you… so will just show you instead.

Dec 2016: A note of thanks from Maureen Daniels, Program Coordinator for the Patient & Family Advisory Committee of the Brain Tumour Centre at Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto).


Day by Day I’m getting stronger – and day by day I’m lasting longer

Snapd Markham Article

February 2017 Markham Snapd Magazine, Page 8

(Acknowledgment of thanks on Day By Day Facebook)

Back story pics to Snapd article…

Photo of niece Laura and I, in LG’s ‘Life Messages’ book.

This is the photo in Laurie’s photoart book ‘Life Messages’- I explained this at the book launch with my sister Jennifer. Every time I hear ‘light hearted tale‘ makes me cringe; I was trying to convey it is laced with humour- because thats the way I am ex. flirting with the surgeon days after surgery when high on morphine- while a drainage tube was sticking out of my head.


2013/2014: Head & full spine radiation
2015 – Hats For Hope













Wait ’till you see what I’m up to next…. let’s just say, I am now friends with the worlds loudest recorded BURPER! – YES, this will make the world better. You’ll see…..

….. to be continued


The Video

This short video is a true story about my experience of having surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2011, and my road to recovery.
After writing my first book called “Day By Day” (released March 2014), I was thrilled to meet the band Doug & The Slugs, as their song “Day By Day” was an inspiration during my recuperation.
Thank you for watching

Ontario Long Term Care Association Article!


Melissa Nichols with Simon Kendal
Melissa Nichols with             Simon Kendall

Melissa Nichols was 28 and working as Vermont Square’s quality co-ordinator in October 2011 when she received news that would change her life.

Diagnosed with a brain tumour, Nichols says the 10 years she spent up to that point working with long-term care residents had given her a unique perspective on life. Following surgery, Nichols went through a recovery process that she says paralleled what many long-term care residents experience. She even had to learn to walk again.

Nichols, who has worked in long-term care since she was a high-school student, is preparing to publish a book chronicling her experiences as a caregiver who has been on both ends of the health-care spectrum.

“The book is about how I have worked in long-term care, my journey to recovery and just how ironic it was that I was so familiar with health care and then (acquired an illness),” Nichols tells the Morning Report.

“I experienced things that I’ve seen patients experience for years.”

Nichols adds that while her experiences provided her with a new perspective, her diagnosis never changed her outlook on why she chose a career in long-term care.

“I’ve always had a passion for working with and working for seniors,” she says.

The book’s title, Day By Day, comes from a 1984 song of the same name by Canadian rock band Doug and the Slugs. The title is perfect for her memoire, she says. It describes Nichols’ approach to her recovery — taking things one day at a time — and it’s also one of her mother’s favourite songs.

The book’s title even has endorsement of one of the band’s members, keyboardist Simon Kendall, who helped her get the permission needed to reprint the song’s lyrics. In fact, Kendall even agreed to write the foreword to Nichols’ book, which is slated to be on sale through herwebsite in March.

On Feb. 8, Nichols and her mother flew to Calgary to attend a Doug and the Slugs concert. Before the group performed Day By Day, the members dedicated the song to Nichols. After the show, she and her mother were invited to meet the group.

Nichols has received lots of support from friends and family during her recovery and also from the company that manages Vermont Square, Responsive Health Management.

You can learn more about Nichols by visiting her website or Facebook page.“(They have been) incredibly supportive up to this day,” she says. “Specifically, the senior management and administrator have been a big part in my recovery. They are like family to me. Never did I expect such friendship and support from people I worked with. It truly is a great company to work with and for.”


Writer: Deron Hamel
Original Article:

Photo caption: Melissa Nichols poses with Doug and the Slugs keyboardist Simon Kendall after the band’s Feb. 8 performance in Calgary.

If you have a story to share or feedback on this article, please contact the newsroom at 800-294-0051, ext. 23, or e-mail deron(at)