Melissa Nichols of ‘Hats For Hope’ shares inspiration & involvement in the upcoming Brain Tumour NATIONAL Conference October 21 2017

‘Hats For Hope’ is going NATIONAL at the Brain Tumour National Conference October 21 2017!

*Scroll down to see drop off locations..

>>Adult hats, any size/shape/pattern & colour. Hats made with soft material/fabric and from a smoke-free environment only, please!

*Dear lovely Hat makers!: I want to thank you! Please be sure to include your name/ city and contact info with your handmade hats

Markham, ON
-The Village Hive Coworking & Event Space @ 55 Albert St #105 Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
-St. Andrew’s Untied Church @ 32 Main Street N Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
-The Duchess @ 53 Main St North Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
-Cakes By Tanya  @ 69 Main Street North Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
– The Old Curiosity Tea Shop @ 91 Main St N Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
Mother’s Deli & Bakery @ 122 Main Street North Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
Showtime Productions @ 144 Main Street N (behind Main St entrance) Deadline: Oct 20 12pm
Stouffville, ON *email, ‘c/o Danni’ Deadline: Oct 15th @ 12pm
Newmarket, ON:  Metroland Media 580B Steven Court,  Deadline: Oct 18th 5pm
Georgina, ON: *email, ‘c/o: Pam Devine’ Deadline: October 15 @ 5pm
Toronto, ON: Princess Margaret Hospital – Brain Tumour Centre (18th Floor on right) 610 University Ave Deadline: October 18 @ 11am
Milton & area, ON * email, ‘Attn: Jennifer’, Deadline: October 19th Noon
Edmonton, Alberta: Join Group: “Edmonton, Alberta Residents : Hats For Hope” on Facebook
East Edmonton Health Centre at the ‘Public Health Reception’ 7910 112 Ave —Deadline: Oct 13th Noon
* Questions? Janet Hempler –,  Deadline: Oct 13th Noon
Newfoundland: Intersport/ Sports Expert, Avalon Mall @ 48 Kenmount Road
St. Johns NL – A1B 1W3, *Questions? email, ‘c/o Fred Melvin’
Melissa Nichols



Hats For Hope is going NATIONAL!

Don’t know if I am shaking because of this morning’s coffee or excitement…

On October 21 2017, the successful ‘Hats For Hope’ is going to be at the Brain Tumour National Conference!!

An overwhelming excitement is surrounding me as phone calls/text and emails pour in as I make connections with some local lovelies about this exciting opportunity.

Are you familiar with the background story of how Hats For Hope was created? The inspiration of creating this successful drive is in the name; ‘Hats For Hope’.

Hats For Hope Success at Princess Margaret Hospital 2016! Write up: Snapd Markham


Now is the gut-wrenching stressful/anxious/excited feelings. Now, organizing alllllllll the details are underway; surely the WHY answer is obvious, now to nail down the ‘how’ and ‘where.’

Goal: To acquire a couple hundred handmade knitted/crocheted hats made & donated in time for the National Brain Tumour Conference, happening in Toronto October 21, 2017.

Here we go!

Stay tuned – details to follow….


Confused Punishment

Confused punishment was something I had a hard time coping with just a few years ago, whereas now feeling… well.. like Mr.Bean does here. I ignore when not worth it, whereas other days… well… lets just say I can advocate for myself  I am happy and I am free.

Confused Punishment: When you encounter poor treatment/further penalty based on the side effects of treatment/ medication/ physical or emotional stress from a Brain Tumour.

1. Dirty looks from strangers thinking you are drunk, when out learning to walk again, swerving.
2. Secretaries being personally offended/ blatantly rude if missed appointment, not realizing you forgot to write a reminder not to forget the appointment
3. Judging a RBF in social situations, when you are fighting a anxiety attack off inside

Seeing this gif. of Mr.Bean instantly makes me smile- admittedly I even giggle like a teenage girl- as it reminds me of my reaction to confused punishment these days. However, it wasn’t always this way.  There were dozens of difficult moments when these instances happened- I guess you can say I have forced myself through this storm by turning my anger into determination. 5 years of determination to convalesce close to 90% makes me proud and strong of the accomplishments made, and-then-some. This wouldn’t be possible to those who have supported me- people like you, who are reading this right now, thank you.


Toastmasters Newsletter

The Toastmaster “Toastee Times” Newsletter Showcased Day By Day in their summer 2014 newsletter.
* Book title: Day By Day
* Author’s name: Melissa Nichols
* Price: $15
* Audience: Adult, non-fiction

* Ordering information:, invoice sent through paypal or Square

* Author’s credentials: Diploma in Activation Coordinator (George Brown College), BA Gerontology (McMaster University), 10+ years work experience in Long Term Care in front line and management, Foreward written by rock group Keyboardist/musical director Simon Kendal of Doug & The Slugs

* A brief summary of the book’s contents: The instant transformation from healthy go-getter to dependent patient from an unexpected brain tumor and the road to recovery. A lighthearted (and even at times, funny) recount of the 360 degree patient experience & recovery of a 28 year old woman.

* Back cover of book: ” I had a real taste of what it is like to be a patient. My experiences as a student of healthcare, working in long-term care homes, taking care of a couple of loved ones who were sick and volunteering for a hospice all gave me insight. But I had always been as healthy as healthy can be;; I was not on any maintenance medications and never took painkillers for even a headache, which I seldom if ever got. I had no disorders, diseases, infections, allergies, or even sensitivities. As a result of living the city life, I walked virtually everywhere I went. Then, in the blink of an eye, I was lying in a hospital bed with a few hours until surgeons would remove a brain tumor. The tables have turned; I was now the patient for the first time.”