Looking to Change the World, one Head at a Time….

I have been involved in so much awesomeness lately, am hardly finding the time to stop and reflect on what is currently happening; moments are gone before I can even processes it…GOOD! Although have been known to take lots of pictures – I try to put my phone promptly away right after, in order to enjoy the moment. Please do not mistake my pride for gloating- it is such an electrically exciting feeling knowing am making a difference in the lives of some of those who need it the most.

Ps- These situations don’t just fall in my lap- I bust my ass to make them happen- and yes, having so much fun doing it at the same time! I step out of my comfort zone to the point where after a while, it becomes a ‘normal’ feeling.

Consider the following pictures to be my ‘show and tell’ kindergarten kiddie-like news from the past couple of months.

December 2016 I received this note of gratitude from Maureen Daniels, Program Coordinator of Princess Margaret. Tried to make my first VLOG only to almost break down in tears (in happiness) while reading this to you… so will just show you instead.

Dec 2016: A note of thanks from Maureen Daniels, Program Coordinator for the Patient & Family Advisory Committee of the Brain Tumour Centre at Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto).


Day by Day I’m getting stronger – and day by day I’m lasting longer

Snapd Markham Article

February 2017 Markham Snapd Magazine, Page 8

(Acknowledgment of thanks on Day By Day Facebook)

Back story pics to Snapd article…

Photo of niece Laura and I, in LG’s ‘Life Messages’ book.

This is the photo in Laurie’s photoart book ‘Life Messages’- I explained this at the book launch with my sister Jennifer. Every time I hear ‘light hearted tale‘ makes me cringe; I was trying to convey it is laced with humour- because thats the way I am ex. flirting with the surgeon days after surgery when high on morphine- while a drainage tube was sticking out of my head.


2013/2014: Head & full spine radiation
2015 – Hats For Hope













Wait ’till you see what I’m up to next…. let’s just say, I am now friends with the worlds loudest recorded BURPER! – YES, this will make the world better. You’ll see…..

….. to be continued


Thank you SNAPD Markham!

B-Strong Event Covered in Snapd

In May of this year, I volunteered for the B-Strong! ‘s Walk for Brain Tumour Research event- it was an incredible success, as it was not only fun, but also topped the total amount raised since its start in 2005 to 1.1 Million dollars! Wow! Although volunteered for the event- I confess I strayed from the merch booth a few times to thank everyone for all they did, on behalf of a brain tumour survivor. Even connected with some new friends at the School of Rock in Markham. No, I did not have any involvement in organizing or fundraising.  Click here for the full Snapd Markham Article.

Photo on 2016-06-16 at 5.09 PM

<The wonderful Jo-Ann and John Bolger pictured top right…I’m at the bottom right: incredibly thankful – yet with a touch of guilt as there were a dozen other volunteers that did so much more  than me that day>

The Story of Learning about Lindsay & B-Strong

As Day By Day was freshly published in 2014, I wanted to link arms with foundations and/or fundraiser events which had the same interests as I did: Brain Tumour Research. A Markham  Librarian told me about B-Strong; a local charity which I had no idea that it even existed. Instantly linked with B- Strong,

and get this….

As I learnt more and more about B-Strong and honourable Founder Lindsay Bolger, it was uncanny to learn just how much in common we had. If still alive we’d be the same age.  We are from the same town- same HIGH SCHOOL for 2 years, COLLEGE at different locations…


Yet we never met.

‘The rest is history’….  most notably John & Jo-Anne Bolger (parents of the incredible Lindsay Bolger) are wonderful people, along with close family and friends who have carried on B-Strong. I bet Lindsay is so proud!

This weekend marks 2 years since the first connection with B-Strong, as we first met at the Markham
Village Music Festival when raffled off my guitar to benefit B-Strong and the Markham Arts Council.

Here are some memories from that event <3



Great souls right here! Rebecca (Markham Arts Council), Kevin Kerr, (EMG Music) and Melissa (Day By Day) @ North Stage


Markham Economist Press
And the winner goes to…

All these people mentioned are those who are making the world a better place.

Our community is getting stronger-

Day By Day