Favourite day of 2016

Favourite day of 2016

“… it will never get old to hear validation that the book helped you by either providing some tips as the patient/loved one/caregiver or at least made you smile.”

Honouring Susan

When it comes to doing good deeds, most go unnoticed, especially because you don’t share with others about what a great thing you are doing. No problem, I will tell everyone for you!

The first 25 seconds of this video may be the only recording I have left of myself playing guitar. About a year later- well… you know. My Mom, sisters, baby Adrian and I went camping together summer 2010. Not sure…


  Snuggled in with a warm blanket on my couch and tea at my side, I’d like to start by saying┬áthat I don’t know what to say. I could boast about the many successes I’ve had during these past years…