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Try on my shoes Day By Day shares my brain tumour journey from 2011. Learned to walk again, switched from right to left handed, and always cold on left side of my body from a stroke during the emergency surgery. Pfff, that’s nothing! Worst of all: chronic tailbone pain and ‘confused punishment’.  Yep, you read that right… chronic pain was by far the worst.

These past 6 years have been not just the worst but also the BEST of my life. So many ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities have happened in the past 6 years. From authoring a book, being in a photoart book, countless news articles, fundraising thousands for the BTFC,  met a Canadian rock band, public speaking- Im busy doing positive things and being around positive people.

Now participating in the Brain Tumour National Conference Oct 21 2017 for Day by Day’s ‘Hats For Hope’. Of course, all of the above was thanks to help from hundreds of people. I accept every opportunity offered and reach out to ask to be involved/ lead others.

Hard days still happen- and more-so emotional these days. What has kept me ‘sane’ all these years? My sense of humour, self advocating, establishing a strong health care team/supports and helping you. From song, to book title to adopting this philosophy of living, I’m living he rest of my life Day By Day