Toastmasters Newsletter

Toastmasters Newsletter

The Toastmaster “Toastee Times” Newsletter Showcased Day By Day in their summer 2014 newsletter.
* Book title: Day By Day
* Author’s name: Melissa Nichols
* Price: $15
* Audience: Adult, non-fiction

* Ordering information:, invoice sent through paypal or Square

* Author’s credentials: Diploma in Activation Coordinator (George Brown College), BA Gerontology (McMaster University), 10+ years work experience in Long Term Care in front line and management, Foreward written by rock group Keyboardist/musical director Simon Kendal of Doug & The Slugs

* A brief summary of the book’s contents: The instant transformation from healthy go-getter to dependent patient from an unexpected brain tumor and the road to recovery. A lighthearted (and even at times, funny) recount of the 360 degree patient experience & recovery of a 28 year old woman.

* Back cover of book: ” I had a real taste of what it is like to be a patient. My experiences as a student of healthcare, working in long-term care homes, taking care of a couple of loved ones who were sick and volunteering for a hospice all gave me insight. But I had always been as healthy as healthy can be;; I was not on any maintenance medications and never took painkillers for even a headache, which I seldom if ever got. I had no disorders, diseases, infections, allergies, or even sensitivities. As a result of living the city life, I walked virtually everywhere I went. Then, in the blink of an eye, I was lying in a hospital bed with a few hours until surgeons would remove a brain tumor. The tables have turned; I was now the patient for the first time.”