Day By Day (Published 2014): The instant transformation from healthy go-getter to dependent patient from an unexpected brain tumour and the road to recovery…

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Getting ready for tomorrow! WoooHoooo!
Just got off the phone with a Customer Service Rep from GO Transit to plan my 3 bus transfer trip to the Brain Tumour National Conference. 3rd time's a charm right?! Because that's how many times we went through the schedule so I could write down to understand the times/ arrivals/ departures/ destinations vs stops and ahhh! SO confusing! I was always directionally challenged- but now? I'm worse!

You know what was so awesome about this call? Without knowing about my, um, 'medical specialty' nor the important conference I'm attending, she was genuinely kind, extremely patient and professional. Her name is Marcia. At the end of the call I made sure to tell her manager about this experience. How refreshing. We need more people like this is the world.

I hope you too take the time to acknowledge excellence too.


Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, Melissa Nichols
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